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How Do You Identify The Source of Internet Performance Anomalies?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Has your company experienced internet slowdowns that impacted your business application users? Recently, a company in the healthcare industry with heavy SaaS adoption was experiencing lengthy internet slowdowns. They had data center-centric monitoring in place but did not have visibility outside of their networks to troubleshoot the source of performance slowdowns. They needed to better understand their underlying infrastructure service dependencies in order to detect anomalies and improve performance for their critical business application users.

The company implemented a network monitoring tool that would provide ongoing tracking of external irregularities and trends. In this case, the company used ThousandEyes. The implementation and ongoing use of a tool (such as ThousandEyes) will provide the visibility to help this company:

  • Reduce problem determination time for internet-based applications

  • Eliminate internet visibility blind spots

  • Distinguish internet ISP issues from SaaS provider Issues

  • Identify internet path changes for critical applications

  • Build internet powered SD-WANs with confidence

As companies become more dependent on critical business applications such as Office365, Google Apps, Workday, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, having insight into internet performance issues is increasingly important. Network operations teams need the ability to better monitor ISP performance and reliability including tracking location and network path changes for all critical SaaS services.

Having this insight will reduce the effort and time it takes to identify and resolve network issues and improve end-user satisfaction.

Network and IT leaders are evaluating tools that will provide better ways to preemptively manage network performance, mitigate disruptions, and improve performance for end-users. Specifically, they would like to have:

  • Bi-directional network path analysis, including loss, latency, and path changes over time

  • Data to enable swift and efficient triage of outages and performance issues

  • Concrete metrics for ISP performance and value analysis

Network monitoring tools can help provide a first line of defense in maintaining a healthy network but are often under-utilized due to limited IT resources.


Hybrid Pathways Perspective

Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on the performance and reliability of the public internet. Critical business applications continue to migrate out of the data center and onto major SaaS platforms and organizations are transforming their corporate networks, leveraging SD-WAN technology to steer traffic away from MPLS networks and towards internet bandwidth which offers better price performance. Companies need to have visibility into the performance metrics for the internet connectivity paths that their business users depend on.

We are able to offer a 30-day proof-of-concept of ThousandEyes in your network to provide an example of how these services can support your teams and business. If you would be interested in a PoC for your company, please let us know.

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