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Hybrid Pathways Awarded Best Place to Work in CT

Hybrid Pathways, Consultants that Identify, Connect, and Protect Digital Assets, Awarded Best Place to Work in CT

Hartford, CT, March 2023 – The Hartford Business Journal and New Haven Business revealed that Hybrid Pathways is one of the Best Places to Work in CT.

Hybrid Pathways, a New Era Technology company, is an IT consulting firm specializing in hybrid-cloud environments, focused on identity, connectivity, and security within large, complex organizations. Hybrid Pathways provides the skills and experience, combined with an innovative subscription-based-consulting model, to support the needs of today’s enterprises.

Talent attraction and retention has become the No. 1 issue facing many employers in recent years. The winners of the Best Places to Work in CT were vetted by Workforce Research Group.

“It’s easy to be a great place to work when things are going well. Throw a multiyear pandemic into the mix and you have one of the toughest challenges any of us as employers have ever faced. The best employers did not waiver in their commitment to provide workplaces where employees love to come to work.” Peter Burke, president of the Workforce Research Group

“The collaboration, trust, and support that we foster, within our team and with our clients, has helped us to achieve this Best Places to Work recognition. This credit added to the fast growth awards from Inc. and Marcum, reinforces that we are accurately focused on our team and client needs. In a market where it is difficult to attract and retain top talent, we are grateful to know that our company is doing all the right things.” Tom Hazen, Managing Director, Hybrid Pathways

Hybrid Pathways joined New Era Technology to offer enterprise customers a wider range of services and a global network of professional consultants to support their IT needs. They provide technology solutions and global managed services to enterprise companies across industries including, Banking & Finance, Smart Buildings & IoT, Healthcare, Education, and Government.

“Hybrid Pathway adds to New Era’s vision, values, and company culture, by bringing their strong sense of collaboration, trust, and support. New Era is thrilled to congratulate the team’s great achievement in being named a Best Place to Work in 2023.” Marina Gregory, Chief Corporate Officer, New Era Technology

About Hybrid Pathways

Hybrid Pathways helps enterprise companies to identify, connect, and protect hybrid cloud environments. Key service areas include Identity and Access Management, Zero Trust, FinOps, and Automation. Expert consultants design, build, and monitor secure hybrid solutions. Experienced in all major cloud platforms and leading technologies, Hybrid Pathways uniquely integrates security and infrastructure best practices in all solutions to improve business outcomes and protect digital assets.

Contact: Tom Hazen, Managing Director at Hybrid Pathways | | 413.441.0147

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