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Hybrid Pathways and ThousandEyes are Providing the Needed Visibility to Solve SaaS Issues

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

According to ThousandEyes 2019-2020 Cloud Performance Benchmark Report: “It is imperative for enterprise IT leaders to understand that cloud architectures are complex and not to rely on network performance and connectivity assumptions or instincts while designing them. Enterprises relying heavily on the public cloud or considering a move to the cloud must arm themselves with the right data on an ongoing basis to guide the planning and operational stages. Every organization is different, cloud architectures are highly customized and hence these results must be reviewed through the lens of one’s own business in choosing providers, regions and connectivity approaches.”


Hybrid Pathways can set up a full demo of ThousandEyes so that you can see first-hand the data insights that will allow your company to:

· Reduce problem determination time for internet-based applications

· Eliminate internet visibility blind spots

· Distinguish internet ISP issues from SaaS provider Issues

· Identify internet path changes for critical applications

· Build internet powered SD-WANs with confidence


ThousandEyes provides an independent report that reveals comparable network performance data across all five public cloud providers. The 2019 report adds substantive new findings on AWS’ Global Accelerator service offering, cloud connectivity in and out of China, performance of US broadband provider connectivity to the cloud, and findings specific to the newly added providers Alibaba Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Contact Hybrid Pathways to implement a free trial of ThousandEyes.

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