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Enterprise Companies Look to Firewall Orchestration to Improve Agility and Security

Corporate firewall management is increasingly complex due to an expanding network perimeter and the proliferation of cloud computing services. Gaps in effective firewall management delay business initiatives and lead to increasing security and compliance challenges.

Infrastructure and Security leaders are looking to gain more control over their firewalls, their goals include:

  • Centralized management of on-premises and cloud firewall infrastructure

  • Unified visibility across all supported devices and platforms

  • Automation-assisted orchestration of change control process through custom workflow

  • Streamlined audit prep, change tracking, and policy violation reporting capabilities

  • Consistent and continuous enforcement of network security policy across multi-vendor/multi-platform environments

These leaders are utilizing firewall orchestration services to accomplish these goals as well as improve their business agility and overall security posture.

As an example, a Fortune 100 company with a small team managing over 300 on-premises and cloud firewalls sought to improve security of business-critical assets through the implementation of a firewall management platform. The company needed to architect a technology independent solution for their firewall orchestration. The solution included rule base optimization, custom change management workflow, integrations, and technical vendor management.

The company gained a number of benefits from implementing firewall orchestration:

  • Improved business agility and speed to market

  • Aligned cloud and traditional infrastructure and network technologies

  • Unified view of core and affiliate firewall infrastructure

  • Improved efficiency through automation-assisted firewall change control process

  • Reduced complexity through rule base optimization

Many organizations recognize the potential of these solutions to improve agility, efficiency, and security in their environment.


Hybrid Pathways Perspective

Day-to-day firewall management tasks are complex and time consuming. The business wants solutions faster, the security team needs to be sure assets are protected, and infrastructure teams needs to ensure that firewall policies are consistently implemented. Businesses require solutions which streamline firewall rule provisioning and maintain a strong security posture.

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