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Scaling from Thought Leadership through Execution

Case Study


Fortune 550 Financial Services Insurance company

Simultaneous challenges of staff attrition and leadership changes

Goal to mature their cybersecurity capabilities

Hybrid Pathways Solution

Portfolio Rationalization (including directory services and privileged access management tools); O365 Security Assessment; 

SOC Analyst

Vulnerability Management Policy & Standard Development

IT Controls Assessment (including  IAM controls); Third-Party Cyber Risk PM

Certificate Management Program (IAM component);

 Vulnerability Management 

Tooling Security Architecture (including IAM) Surge Resources 

IAM Blueprint / Roadmap (IAM deep-dive and project proposals) 

Remediation of Azure Environment (including IAM) 

Firewall and Network Design;

Security Engineering; Digital Certificate Cleanup

Benefit to Client

Common understanding of the coverage and effectiveness of existing IAM and security controls 

Prescriptive guidance in the form of robust architecture, roadmaps, and controls design

Technical implementation expertise to realize measurable gains in capability and efficiency 

Sound Familiar?

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