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Firewall Orchestration

Case Study


Fortune 100 healthcare/insurance company with a small team managing over 300 on-premises and cloud firewalls sought to improve security of business-critical assets through the implementation of a firewall management platform. The customer needed senior infrastructure and security expertise to deliver firewall orchestration in an environment too complex for the vendor to support.

Hybrid Pathways Solution

Provided a dedicated senior security platform engineer resource to architect and implement a firewall management platform, including rule base optimization, custom change management workflow, integrations, and technical vendor management.

Conducted testing in lab environment

Provided day-1 support

Benefit to Client

Improved business agility and speed to market

Aligned cloud and traditional infrastructure and network technologies

Unified view of core and affiliate firewall infrastructure

Improved efficiency through automation-assisted firewall change control process

Reduced complexity through rule base optimization    

Sound Familiar?

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